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First Generation iCar: Will We Steer with a Click Wheel?


3 years ago

By now you probably know how much we love a good future tech story. So news of Apple Car piqued our interest. According to, a very credible insider has leaked some details. But further research doesn’t bear out the credibility of those leaks. 

Originally, Hyundai announced that they were in talks to build the car. Then they clarified that they were talking to several manufacturers and it was looking more like Kia would be the company Apple would work with.

Now both of those companies have announced that they are definitely NOT in talks to build the iCar.

All of this back and forth leaves the fate of Apple’s entry into the self-driving car space a bit uncertain. A CNN business writer suggests another smaller manufacturer like Honda, Nissan, Stellantis or BMW may make a good partner for Apple. The main sticking point seems to be that Apple will almost certainly not want to share their technology with the manufacturer and most auto makers wouldn’t find that acceptable. At any rate, it does seem like we’re still several years away from a car with a 12 megapixel front-facing camera.

Hopefully we’ll get more reliable info soon, like:

  • Will it come with earbuds?
  • Will Tim Cook spend 45 minutes telling us how advanced the tech is while offering everything the Tesla had in 2015?
  • Will you need a USB-Q cable to charge it?
  • Will it cost three times more than any other electric car but be totally worth it because it has such a cute apple hood ornament?

Stay tuned. You know we’ll be following the progress closely.