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Four Digital Habits to Boost Your Brand


2 years ago

So, how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you’re already on a slippery slope, take heart. Resolutions don’t always last, but developing new digital habits can boost your business! 

The pandemic sparked phenomenal growth in digital marketing by increasing dependence on the Internet. The face of business has changed, and cultivating an online presence is no longer optional in order to succeed in your market, whether it’s local, regional, or national. This same challenge presents incredible opportunities for businesses that embrace the medium to expand and engage their customer base.

True, keeping up with the multitude of touchpoints, emerging trends, changing algorithms, and endless platforms may feel overwhelming – whether you are established or just entering the online universe. 

Take a breath while we get down to basics. You don’t need to worry about the Metaverse today (yet  – don’t laugh it off), but you should start by clarifying where your business stands now and where you want it to go.

Good digital habits will serve you by keeping you on track toward achieving your goals through well-researched strategic planning, whether you implement them yourself or outsource.

First things first

Be sure your foundation is strong before building out. Without a quality product or service, a clear vision of what you are all about, and dedicated customer service, you’re dead in the water.

What will keep you afloat may seem so overly simple you might think you’ve overlooked something in the narrative. No matter how great your website looks, how pretty your logo is, how many platforms you populate, or how well your execs dance on TikTok, success begins and ends with knowing who you are, and who you serve


The next step is to get your proverbial house in order. This requires more than an annual spring cleaning – it means carving out and maintaining your place in the digital landscape. Your “digital house” is everywhere your brand resides online.

Taking stock of what you already have in place and what may need a refresh is essential before tackling new campaigns – just like cleaning out your closet and seeing what’s inside is a good idea before going on a shopping spree. No one needs business attire that no longer fits, or campaigns promoting large gatherings and other messaging that now seem cringeworthy.

Regularly pruning your social media presence, your website, your advertising campaigns, and your in-box can free you up, as well as give you a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. These digital marketing spaces need regular attention. You may even discover some hidden gems you can re-purpose. The bonus? You will see greater results across all your platforms.

Habit forming

Adopting digital habits will make staying current much easier, and help you avoid digital landmines and uncertainty in your marketing efforts.

1. Audit your website – this nasty-sounding phrase is actually an essential set of positive actions for maintaining and continually improving your online presence.

  • Does your website clearly address who you serve (see: First Things First)?
  • Check navigation – is it simple to get from point A to point B; with a clear call to action (CTA)?
  • Do all interactive elements…interact? Fix any broken links and respond to missed messages. Be sure you are up to date on plug-ins and security measures in the back-end of the site.
  • Do your visuals clearly fit with the content? If you don’t already have it, add video. Video has a higher engagement rate than any visual element.
  • Be sure your content and copywriting is up to date, and supports organic SEO. 

2. Refresh social media & ad accounts

  • Scroll your social media pages to determine if older messaging is still relevant. No one needs to see ads for an event that happened last year, or products/services you no longer support. Delete or archive as needed.
  • Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and inspect the websites and ads of your competitors. How do yours compare? We are not encouraging plagiarism, which would undermine your hard work and credibility. However, you may discover you have a competitive advantage you can promote, or feel inspired to explore new directions.

3. Review performance analytics

  • Who are your most engaged target audiences?
  • What type of content performs best?
  • Which service or product is most in demand?
  • Which ads had a higher ROI?
  • Which of your platforms have been most successful? Can you pare down, or try different ones?

4. Keep your branding relevant

  • All of your digital efforts should support your brand. Purge anything that does not.
  • Is your branding clear, engaging, and consistent?
  • Are you happy with the image your brand conveys?
  • Consider updating by enhancing graphics, color, fonts, shapes, and layouts. 

This is not a “one and done” process. Habits are something that is repeated regularly. The good news is your online presence can be adapted to grow with your business. Small efforts and updates, completed over time, yield big results. 

We’re here to help

Given the sheer number of companies jostling for a piece of the Internet pie, getting seen becomes trickier every day. This is where businesses need the most support, and where Avenir comes in. 

We offer a full suite of custom Internet marketing solutions for our clients. If you need a hand getting your digital house in order, we’ll help you tidy up.