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Let’s Talk Digital Content


3 years ago

Why hire a professional digital copywriter?

You know your business frontward and backward, upside-down and sideways. So, why not just write your own marketing copy? For the same reasons you don’t ask an English professor to solve mathematical equations, or expect a 5-star chef to paint your kitchen. Professionals work long and hard to excel in a specific field. For a better return on investment, it makes sense to bring in an experienced writer to give you a hand with your content.

Writing for online audiences is vastly different than traditional marketing. 

To read your online content, a visitor searches you out and invites you into their personal space. They are under no obligation to let you stay if your message feels pushy, manipulative or is easily misinterpreted. When they can’t find the product, service, or information they want – they’ll bounce, even if you have a very pretty website. And most won’t return for a do-over. 

You need someone who knows exactly how to write copy that will attract and retain your audience within a digital landscape full of competing distractions. With less time to engage their readers, skilled digital writers create short, precise, and accurate copy. They are masters at both anticipating and guiding a reader’s actions, and can adapt their writing style to align with each media platform’s specific format and core demographics. If they don’t get this all right the first time, the dreaded aforementioned “bounce rate” comes into play.

What a good digital copywriter will do to promote your business online: 

Step 1: Take time to get to know you.

The first priority is to fully understand you, your company, and your business goals. This allows the writer to infuse your unique voice and vision into your digital presence. Original, personal content that reflects you cannot be accomplished without this step. When businesses try to borrow from others or use a pre-existing mold, it shows. Authenticity is everything.

Step 2: Focus on your customers.

At the end of the day, successful online copy meets the needs of your customers; it’s not a platform for tooting your own horn. It’s all about the user experience. There’s a clear difference between sharing information, services or products in a way that is helpful to your client base, and forcing it upon them. 

Online consumers are savvy, and not just looking for ways to save money. They’re also looking for ways to make life less stressful. When researching similar products and services, most choose the company they can identify with, and that makes their purchasing experience easier – even if it’s slightly more expensive.

Step 3: Craft compelling copy that speaks in your audience’s language.

Effective writing produces copy that is immediate and intimate, and the tone is personal. Content that is transparent and conversational engages people and invites loyalty and conversions. A skilled writer adapts copy for the specific audience you are addressing. If your audience is B2C, the language won’t bristle with acronyms and other industry jargon. If your audience is B2B, the language feels like speaking with a colleague.

Step 4: Create a cohesive strategy.

A well-designed strategy pinpoints precisely where to spend marketing dollars, and also how to attract “free” coverage with quality, share-worthy content. The writer should be versed in knowing which platforms are most effective based on the types of stories and messages you need to convey. They develop targeted messages to address your marketing goals and funnel them throughout your digital campaign.

Step 5: Monitor the digital landscape.

A vital part of an online content creator’s job is having a finger on the pulse of rapidly evolving consumer trends. By monitoring ongoing changes associated with the different digital platforms, your message can be tailored to be most effective.

Take the plunge! You’ll Save time and money.

Ultimately, the success of your business requires a solid foundation of trust between you and your clientele. A strong digital copywriter applies clarity, care, and finesse to the creation of online content that supports your ongoing business relationships, and helps build new ones. They develop and place your copy strategically to better reach the audiences you care about, while avoiding mistakes that can lose both prospects and customers.
We all know that the digital age moves at warp speed. Just when you think, “Whew. Got that new product out there…” it’s time to update another aspect of your business. It’s always about “what’s next” to stay relevant in the minds of your audience.

The Bottom Line

Copywriting is a big job that’s never “done.”

You’ve worked hard building your business. Hiring a professional writer to stay on top of your online marketing allows you more time to focus on running your company.