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Virtual Events

Crafting the perfect virtual experience for you

Proper planning is crucial to the success of any event, but virtual events require an even higher level of care and detail. For a fully digital event to succeed, you need tech support, production and the knowhow to synchronize all of the moving parts! It is a collaborative effort that requires an expert team to put it all together!

Branding and Promotion

Avenir works with your team to develop the story and messaging for the event. Our graphic designer develops a unified brand look and feel with your approval. Our creative team creates a posting schedule on social media and email designed to maximize reach. We may request personal testimonials, photos, and four to five internal promoters to support in creating an engaging movement online leading up to the event.


Virtual events are fantastic opportunities for sponsors! A virtual event offers sponsors exposure on social media, email marketing, gift bag items, and during the event through on-screen banners.


To augment revenue, Avenir can create an online auction webpage. Online auction participants may be interested in giving in multiple ways; we can provide an easy-to-use system where they can bid on items leading up to and during the event.


Avenir creates a separate online registration webpage which has the ability to accept donations and easy check-out. Depending on scale of the event we can enhance the event webpage to include a virtual sponsor village or an honoree wall like we did for LightBridge below.


We recommend investing part of your budget to recording a montage. We have a professional videographer that can come onsite. To keep cost low its best to have a one-day shoot on location with as many folks as you’d like. Check out the Stepping Stone project page to see a link to their video playlist. 


We typically recommend pre-recording a good portion of the event to make it seamless. We also encourage a live element with an MC/Host and possible two other co-hosts. Our experience is that limiting the event to one hour will help keep your audience’s attention. We’ll arrange a dress rehearsal a week prior and request all pre-recorded videos at least two weeks in advanced.