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Social Media Management

Use social media to engage your audience and grow your business

For large companies, social media management is a full-time job, sometimes a team of people working full-time. Most small businesses have to find a way to add it to all the other tasks the owner is juggling. Avenir can help. Our creative and experienced team will work with you to develop a social strategy and schedule that increases your social media presence and helps build your brand.
All Avenir Thinking social media marketing programs include some or all of the following four general services:
  • Content Creation: Social media is about storytelling. We help craft a story that is compelling and authentic to your brand.
  • Follower Growth: We prioritize follower growth on all accounts, and pay special attention to new social media accounts.
  • Social Advertising: To truly tap into the power of social media you must advertise. Social advertising allows you to target very specifically who you’re trying to reach. We can help you take advantage of the power of advertising even on a tight budget.
  • Strategy & Skill: Our team of account managers, content creators and graphic designers collaborate with you to develop a custom strategy that supports your business goals.

When you are ready to begin your campaign, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will ensure the success of your social media outreach. Together, you will map out your goals and expectations for the campaign. The account manager will coordinate the creation and execution of the plan to bring it to fruition.

At the start of your campaign, Avenir will create your social media accounts or optimize them for success. Our graphic designers will create stunning headers and profile pictures that resonate with your audience and your profile will be optimized to increase leads and customers for your business. And we will make sure your site has the right Open Graph previews.

At Avenir, we believe your social media efforts should tell your brand’s story. Who are you? What are your values, your passions, your inspirations. You can expect content centered around your business that creates a connection between your brand and your audience. We’ll bring your brand to life and encourage your followers to get involved and engaged in the story. This mix of content will allow your brand to reach anyone in your target demographic and have them truly understand what you offer.