Sheel was transitioning her yoga practice from a studio in La Jolla to an online practice accessible to people all over the world. Our goal for this project was to convey the  elegant serenity Kundalini with Sheel offers clients.

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Kundalini with Sheel

In order to set a peaceful, spiritual tone on the site, we used lots of white space to keep the mood calm. We used Sheel's choice of millennial pink as the accent color, which allowed it to pop without taking over the page.

Color That Crafts an Image

The image for Kundalini with Sheel needed to be spiritual and spacious, but the website needed the capacity to house a large video library and handle financial transactions. The ecommerce site we built allows for a video subscription service with multiple subscription plans and free trials. The content delivery service we provided ensures rapid display of videos.

Sheel had a desire to share her gift with the world, but no experience with video. Our team did the research and helped her chose the equipment that would let her shoot her own professional grade video and trained her to use it. We also provide the video editing service for all videos uploaded to the site.

Support and Training

In order to keep members engaged, and to promote new memberships, we create weekly email campaign and do strategic social media marketing across multiple platforms. We also automated an activity-based email process.

A Connected Community

Their skill and expertise in digital design and development are self-evident. I knew the finished product would be the envy of our competitors. A true partnership that’s taken our business to the next level.

Christopher Lee, Balboa Design Group