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Stonewall Citizens' Patrol

Neighborhood Watch

Obviously, we really love all things branding and marketing, but we do secretly (not so much now that we’re saying it) extra love creating logos. Imagery, fonts and design all working together to express identity. It’s the kind of creative challenge that brings out the best in our team. ⠀
For Stonewall Citizen’s Patrol, we were inspired by the intersection of communities and identities as well as a more literal expression of intersections. The circular icon conjures the image of a map of communities and incorporates all of the inclusive flag colors. We chose a bold san-serif font to give the logo a modern and important feel that still had warmth and friendliness. It’s bright and positive and conveys the message of community protection without an authoritarian feel.



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Our Role:

  • Website Development
  • Custom Membership Community Site
  • Graphic Design