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Say My (Your, Our) Name


6 years ago

Most often, the first thing your customers will know about your brand is the name. The right name is memorable and timeless. It has meaning. It’s easy to say and there is rhythm in the sound.

The wrong name can create confusion in the minds of consumers. Finding the right name isn’t easy. Research and testing are essential.

Elements to consider when choosing a name:

Meaning – Does the name communicate something of value about the brand? It should support the image your company wants to present.

Uniqueness – Does it stand apart from the competition? Make your name something that is easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

Protectability – Can you own and trademark the name? Is the website domain available?

Positivity – Does the name have a positive connotation everywhere you are doing business? Research and test to ensure it has no negative meaning to potential customers.

Visual – Will it look good in a logo? Choose a name that looks good everywhere you plan on using it.

Hanging a sign on a cow that says ‘I am a horse’ does not make it a horse.