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The πŸ‘ Internet πŸ‘ Is πŸ‘ Amazing.



3 years ago

(Take a) Break (on) the Internet!

Remember when you used to check Facebook or Twitter to check out for a few minutes? Those days are long gone. But we all still need a break. Whether it’s your job, your kids or your Facebook friends you’re trying to get away from for a few minutes, we have a solution.

The πŸ‘ Internet πŸ‘ Is πŸ‘ Amazing.  Here are some sites that have very little utility and a lot of enjoyment. 

  1. Who says you can’t train a cat? Use your left and right arrows to move the train and your spacebar to stop the train at stations to let the cats onboard!
  2. Meanwhile, in the real world, you can pretty much take a trip to anywhere you want, via earthcam.
  3. Hello Newman! Thrill and annoy your coworkers on your next Zoom call with this Zoom Soundboard.
  4. A cool tool where you type in text and watch as a neural network converts it to realistic handwriting.
  5. Finally, convert anything you want into Llama, because why the heck not!

That is all. You may return to politics-twitter now.