The Working From Home Memes That Hit Too Close to Home!

The Working From Home Memes That Hit Too Close to Home!


4 years ago

So, how are you?

How’s work-from-home life treating you?*  

The days … all 24 hours of them … the weeks … all 7 days of them … It’s for our own good, and it’s working, but being under house arrest (more or less) is changing work life in unexpected ways. 

Let’s recap a few of them.

This is #2020. What exactly qualifies as “exercise” these days? Are there even “weekends” anymore? How many trips to fridge every day is too many? 

Covid19: A Dream Come True?

For introverts, some say this is a dream come true – they can lock themselves away in the house and not have to talk to anyone. Work from home? No problem.** 

But for extroverts, it’s a little more like this:

So what can we do to stay a little sane?

A common piece of advice is keep to our routines. Get up at the same time each day, take a shower, brush our teeth, grab a quick coffee ‘cuz of course you’re running late, get on the train … Then you are ready to start the day.

Think Separates for Work Meetings

Big meeting with the team? Don’t stress about what’s not important. Business casual up top is where it’s at!

Is the coast clear for you to work (check, I mean OOPS):

And if you really can’t be bothered, just don’t bother putting any pants on. I mean, who is gonna notice? It’s not like you would get up and walk about the room so anyone would notice, especially when your wife is on a call, would you?:

When the wife dosen't tell you she's working online 🤣

Posted by Gamboa Yaocuicatl on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Time for Lunch

This looks just about right. I mean fresh vegetables are great but not “essential.”

Conference Calls are Not All Fun and Games

So, you’re back online for the third or fourth Zoom meeting of the day and it’s hard to stay focused. Who’s up for some gamification? Some meetings don’t necessarily require our full attention. 

You’re On Deadline

What about those last minute deadlines … there is only one way to really concentrate.

The Plan for Tomorrow

Although it hasn’t worked out this way, I think many of sort of fantasized that working from home would be working from bed. No morning routine hassle, no shaving, no need for the “video” part of conference calls … 

The Future

The future will come soon enough, and at least Summer will be something to look forward to … Good thing orange is our color.

And we can always hope for this kind of day trip. ANYTHING to get out of the house.

The Best Tip for Surviving This Era

Mindfulness is the key. Pay attention to the small stuff. Enjoy the simmple things. Take one decision at at a time. 

Stay In Touch

All kidding aside, stay in touch. We’re here if you need us

* It goes without saying (which is why we’re saying it) that some people are not able to work from home, and we are incredibly grateful for them.

** Not entirely true. Some on our team who thought they were introverts are desperate for attention!