San Diego Digital Marketing Agency | We are Customer Service

We are a digital marketing agency, but at our core, we are customer service.


4 years ago

What does that mean in a marketing context? It’s easier to begin by explaining what it shouldn’t be. Take for example, the help counter of a retail chain store, where the human element is secondary to the service the employees provide. Every employee there is trained to perform the same tasks, and beyond the fact that you’d prefer to interact with one who knows how to operate the register properly, you don’t need a specific person to work with you. Unless you have a truly horrible experience, you will likely return to the store if they have something you use on a regular basis.

Marketing agencies and the companies we work with operate on a more familial and specialized level. For us, the human element of customer service is essential; who you work with should be just as important as the product you receive. We want you to keep choosing us because of the relationship, and the positive, personal, and unique results we give you.

We know we’re in good company with other creative agencies, and need to outperform them to earn and keep your business. That’s a lot to live up to. Luckily for us, we know our strengths. We crafted our service model to take advantage of the “just right” size of our team, which allows us to connect on a level other agencies rarely attempt. Here’s what Avenir brings to the table: 

  1. Skill 
  2. Integrity 
  3. Shared Passions and Goals 
  4. Accessibility 
  5. Transparency

While you would hope that all agencies provide those first two points, we’ve built our reputation by embodying all five of these concepts every time we partner with our clients. 

Avenir is a personalized digital agency, which means we fully invest ourselves not only in your product, but in your company. Our motivation is to help others achieve their dreams. We are in it not only to make a living, but to do so in a meaningful way. We are in it for the conversations, the camaraderie, and the causes. Whether it’s draft one or one hundred and one, you can count on us to bring our A-game. 

We’ve seen some agencies take good clients for granted, and lose them in the cracks of bureaucratic shenanigans. Our definition of success isn’t just in the number of followers and connections we have, but the quality of them. For us, it’s much more important that we stay engaged and retain clients that like our work, believe in our ability, and continue to trust us with their projects. 

Avenir will not take you for granted. We’re not pursuing a single website or one-off gigs. We want the long-term relationship. We would prefer a wedding ring to a fling. We strive to give you VIP customer service by building strong relationships, staying on top of trends to benefit your business, and getting down in the trenches with you as a part of your team. We have your back.

And we’re in it for the long haul. We want to be there for the start up, as well as the retirement parties. Let’s get to work and exceed some expectations.