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What is Avenir for Good?


3 years ago

We became involved with our first non-profit clients as volunteers, many years ago. A project here, a design there. It was rewarding to help and the people are amazing to help with. But there are projects that move beyond the volunteer level and are worth working on in a professional capacity, with our first non-profit client 15 years ago. This was such a rewarding experience, we wanted to expand on it. We actively began to research non-profit organizations and found a great need for the services we can provide.

As a creative digital marketing agency, our job is to shine a spotlight on you and your business, help define your goals, and build your online identity. We have a knack for bringing out your strengths and clarifying your objectives. We’re like Olympic coaches for your business, you might say!  

Our team of skilled artisans design stunning brands, build uber-functional websites, create engaging social media campaigns, and write killer copy to drive it all home.

When we realized we could use these skills to positively impact the health, happiness, knowledge, and future of others, it was life-changing. We have the capacity to bring focus and awareness to causes bigger than ourselves. What better way to make a difference?

Like any business, non-profits need digital marketing. With this technology, accomplishing your unique goals becomes more attainable. Ideally, you should also have a team with the creativity to make each campaign memorable. If you need assistance, here’s a short list of benefits Avenir offers nonprofit clients:

  • An appealing, functional website that reaches your target audiences, including clients, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and other stakeholders;
  • Micro-sites for special events, fundraising campaigns, etc.;
  • Social media to build community awareness and motivate more people to take action in support of a cause;
  • Auction software for fundraising events that makes it easy to message participants, keep track of bids, and collect pledges;
  • Automation software to manage calendars, post social media, answer emails, build prospect & client lists, and a multitude of other important data;
  • Secure databases to protect donor and client privacy.

Over time working with organizations like yours, we developed a proprietary design process customized to meet the needs of non-profits, yet tailored to each organization. By streamlining these requirements, we are able and willing to offer an affordable package along with a successful track record.

We are proud to say that our team, united by the desire to create inspirational campaigns to benefit non-profits, has served over many local and national organizations, managed events generating over $1 Million in donations, and increased awareness much wider than our physical community.

For you to serve your community at an optimum level, having the help of an experienced partner is critical. We can take care of getting the word out so you can focus on running your organization and making the world a better place.