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Year-End Review


4 years ago

I’ve been a fan of all things French since I was a student at Tufts University way back when, and this year, I was fortunate to be able to spend the month of September in Paris revisiting some old haunts and enjoying that magical city. In fact, when naming my company, that love of France is where it came from. Avenir is French for the future. And our mission is, in a way, helping our clients figure out the future.

Every December is always a time for looking ahead. Even more so as we move from one decade to another. But also for taking a look back.

This year, we chose to focus on the notion of Breaking Through — Avenir is a nimble creative agency that transforms brands, develops strategies and builds systems to help your business breakthrough. Some of the breakthroughs were our own. We expanded our business into new industries, we expanded our workspace when we moved into a new office in Banker’s Hill, and we expanded our staff.

More importantly, though, we helped our clients breakthrough. 

By building digital tools, married with a strategy for success and by providing just enough technology and design to get the job done without bloat or excess. In practice, this means sometimes the tools are simple but effective for our clients – a new author, several coaches and trainers. Other times, they are by nature more complex – peer to peer fundraising platforms, financial websites, or tools to bring together communities spread across the nation.

We also grew our event planning and management business this year. One of our core values is helping others and working with nonprofit organizations to help them fulfill their missions is one way we put that into practice.

We started off the year with The Recovery Ride, which has really been a passion project for Avenir since 2015. We helped Turning Point, Crossroads, and Stepping Stone’ and UPLIFT with successful fundraising galas, helping raise a total of $350,000 for those organizations.

Whatever the project, our success is linked to our clients’ success, and we value them as our partners.

Thank you for a terrific 2019 and looking forward to a fantastic 2020!