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Less Than 100 Days Till Christmas

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5 years ago

By the time you open this email, summer will be but a memory. Depending on where you live, it may still feel like summer, but look around. The leaves have all turned to pumpkin spice. If you don’t already have your Halloween costume planned, you might as well just put a bandana on a stick and be a hobo (some of us at Avenir come from humble beginnings).

With that in mind, and the knowledge that 20% of shoppers make their first holiday purchase in October (wait. what?!), we’ve got a practical digest for you this month. It’s chock full o’ links with social media ideas for the rest of the year. 

We’ll start out macro with a social media calendar for the rest of 2019. Plus you can save the image and refer to it weekly. It’s got all the big holidays on it of course, but did you know National Dessert Day is October 14; or that December 4 is National Cookie Day? There might even be a holiday or two on there that isn’t packed with confectioner’s sugar, but really how important could they be?

If you really want some deep cuts, check out this beyond detailed list of social media ideas for October alone or this one. There are some really good ideas about how to create content quickly and efficiently. Plus, they have even more “days” you can celebrate — Mad Hatter Day is October 6 and International (think globally) Caps Lock Day is October 22.

How on earth could we resist an articled titled 16 Holiday Marketing Campaign Strategies to Delight Your Customers? I mean who doesn’t want to delight their customers? It may seem like the payoff isn’t worth the effort, but keep in mind that when you include Halloween, you’re talking about almost a three-month buying period. Planning you do now will take you right into the new year.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to include email marketing in your holiday campaigns. Using those calendars we’ve linked to above, you can create emails that tie-in to whatever you’re passionate about and fits your brand. This time of year is a great time to offer not only promotions and discounts, but fun and clever ideas. Just about everyone has a holiday tradition they love. Compile all your employees’ favorite traditions (from a variety of holidays) and turn it into an email of fun and fresh ideas for celebrating with family and friends.

We also came across this oddly specific article with 88 Instagram captions for Christmas posts. There are funny captions, cute ones, ones with emojis, movie quotes and, our favorite, puns. Use whichever ones tickle your fancy, except we call dibs on “Wait — there’s myrrh!”

Finally, if you really want to go deep, you can download Facebook’s Holiday Marketing Guide (63 pages of insights, strategies and useful dates — deadline for standard shipping before Christmas, etc.) or just go completely wild and download the 223-page Complete Guide to Holiday Marketing from Search Engine Journal. TBH, once we saw it was the size of a book, we decided to wait until we’re by the fireplace with some mulled cider to dig into that one. 

Hope this gives you some ideas about how to proceed on social media for the rest of the year. Hit us up in the chatbox let us know which holidays (traditional or newfangled) you’re planning on putting at the center of your social campaigns this year.