Bootstrap Venture Partners, a venture investment group, came to us looking for a brand identity that more effectively communicates the company’s focus and direction. We gave them a whole new website and a brand refresh worthy of their impressive portfolio.

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Bootstrap Venture Partners

Created a logo that incorporated the brand color palette

Developed brand concepts for effective storytelling

When your clients are involved in healthcare innovation that saves lives, you need to project an image that inspires trust. Every element of the website -- the typography, the color palette, the graphics -- was chosen to carefully craft a narrative that clearly identifies the company as innovative, entrepreneurial experts.

Dressed for Success

When the firm is Bootstrap Venture Partners, a compelling chapter of the story is about the partners. We created the concept of "Bootstrap Enabled Outcomes" to showcase the ground-breaking work being done by the fledgling companies in Bootstrap's portfolio.

We used brand-specific content and graphics to update all the Venture Bootstrap Partners social media properties, ensuring the same professional user experience for Linked In, Facebook and Twitter users that visitors to the website get.

Consistency Across Platforms

Their skill and expertise in digital design and development is self evident. I knew the finished product would be the envy of our competitors. A true partnership that’s taken our business to the next level.

Kyle Williams, Bootstrap Venture Partners