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Prison Yoga Project

An Online Presence to Hold Space

The Prison Yoga Project supports incarcerated people with yoga and mindfulness practices to promote rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety. The philosophy behind the project is that a restorative approach to addressing crime will create a more humane and effective system of justice.

Spreading the word: building a support system

The Executive Director of the Project enlisted us to create a platform that would not only appeal to donors and supporters, but friends and family members of those incarcerated. He wanted tools to promote the growing number of chapters providing these services in cities across the US and internationally and the training programs for teachers in those areas.

Tools for advocacy and action: providing solutions that move and motivate

For a unique organization such as this, we spent time creating an SEO plan that would help them reach audiences who might not know about them but would find this project a worthy and important endeavor. In addition to the donation platform, we also provided an e-commerce platform to sell books, DVDs, and clothing online. This was particularly important to donors and supporters could buy and send books to inmates. We gave them content sharing features they could easily update, including a calendar for training and a blog to share the stories of inmates being helped by this program.

When choosing branding assets, color palette and images were chosen to evoke compassion and serenity without ignoring the gritty reality of life in prison. Page design and typography convey a straight-forward and trustworthy approach.



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