The Fellowship Center, an alcohol and drug recovery center for men, needed modern, quality digital solutions to engage with its community and donors. The Avenir team gave their brand an update and built a website that gives them the tools and flexibility needed to reach and help men in need in the Escondido area.

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The Fellowship Center

Established social media properties to engage the community

Provided an online donation platform

Created a new logo

The board and staff at The Fellowship Center wanted a site where people who need help can find it quickly and easily. We streamlined their site to provide a user-friendly portal where information is readily available for potential clients and/or family members of those in crisis.

Solution Oriented

In addition to a new look and feel, The Fellowship Center needed an online platform to not only showcase available resources, but to update them as needed. We added onsite-activity and calendar pages to the site and provided a content management system -- with the necessary training included -- that allows them to easily update and keep the site current.

In addition to a new look and feel, TFC needed an online platform to structure its available resources. From on site activity pages and calendars, to online tests that can provide instant results and clear next steps.

Showcasing Information

One of the biggest impacts a website can have for a nonprofit is its ability to capture and process donations. We not only gave them a donation page, but provided easy integration of the donor forms with their existing donor database program.

Streamlined for Success

One thing The Fellowship Center stressed was that often potential clients don't have easy access to a computer, but almost of them have smartphones. Our design ensures that anyone who wants and needs help can get it quickly and easily.

Mobility That Saves Lives

Their skill and expertise in digital design and development are self-evident. I knew the finished product would be the envy of our competitors. A true partnership that’s taken our business to the next level.

The Fellowship Center